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Mcqueen Arran Jumper - Wheat

Mcqueen Arran Jumper - Wheat (ML014)

As we all know, Steve had a great sense of style.

He operated very much on a 'less is more' basis. When acting, he wasn't a fan of unnecessary dialogue, and when he dressed, he kept things simple too.

In the Thomas Crown Affair, he played a very diffe


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Elsinore Grand Prix Husqvarna Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Elsinore Grand Prix Husqvarna Long Sleeve T-Shirt (CT999)

It seems amazing that back in the sixties and seventies, serious international quality off-road racers were prepared to compete wearing little more than a long sleeved T-shirt and a pair of driving gloves, but they did.

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Socal Frank Bullitt T-Shirt

Socal Frank Bullitt T-Shirt (DVL914)



Socal On Any Sunday T-Shirt

Socal On Any Sunday T-Shirt (DVL921)



Socal Le Mans T-Shirt

Socal Le Mans T-Shirt (DVL931)



The Great Escape Captain Hilts A2 Leather Jacket

The Great Escape Captain Hilts A2 Leather Jacket (GPL741)



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Frank Bullitt Holster Rollneck

Frank Bullitt Holster Rollneck (GPL859)


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A1 Engineer Jumper

A1 Engineer Jumper (GPL863)



McQueen ISDT Glove

McQueen ISDT Glove (GPL864)

Some of you may remember that, a few years ago, we made replicas of the gloves that Steve wore when he competed at the 1964 ISDT in East Germany for the American Vase team. In fact, he was known to have worn the same style of gloves back in California.


Frank Bullitt jacket

Frank Bullitt jacket (GPL926)

In the 1968 movie Bullitt, McQueen played Lieutenant Frank Bullitt, a San Francisco cop charged with keeping a key witness in a Mafia criminal trial safe from some hitmen.


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On Any Sunday Long Sleeved Polo

On Any Sunday Long Sleeved Polo (GPL929)


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Frank Bullitt rollneck

Frank Bullitt rollneck (GPL930)

Theres nothing, we have to admit, particularly special about the roll-neck jumper that McQueen wore in the film Bullitt. That having been said, I tried to find one for myself for many years and couldnt.


Bullitt Chukka Suede Boots - Tan

Bullitt Chukka Suede Boots - Tan (GPL953)

Steve was a fan of the basic chukka or desert boot. There are hundreds of shorts of him wearing them in his own time. Nobody really knows where he bought his desert boots, but there are many out there who believe he favoured Clark's classic design.


Frank Bullitt's holster

Frank Bullitt's holster (GPL955)


Baracuta G9 Jacket - Navy

Baracuta G9 Jacket - Navy (GPL959)

You may already know a little about the history of the Harrington jacket, but here's a brief summary. A Harrington is a lightweight, waist length jacket with an elasticated hem and sleeves. The style was originally created by a company in Stockport called Baracuta in the 1930's. The model was known as the G9.


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