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Frank Bullitt

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Frank Bullitt Holster Rollneck

Frank Bullitt Holster Rollneck (GPL859)


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Bullitt metal sign

Bullitt metal sign (GPL890)

The Steve McQueen Bullitt metal sign is part of a range of metal signs featuring the advertising posters from some of McQueen's most famous films. The signs are sturdy metal affairs, measuring some 40cm x 30cm. They come with a screw hole in each corner.

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Frank Bullitt jacket

Frank Bullitt jacket (GPL926)

In the 1968 movie Bullitt, McQueen played Lieutenant Frank Bullitt, a San Francisco cop charged with keeping a key witness in a Mafia criminal trial safe from some hitmen.

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Frank Bullitt rollneck

Frank Bullitt rollneck (GPL930)

Theres nothing, we have to admit, particularly special about the roll-neck jumper that McQueen wore in the film Bullitt. That having been said, I tried to find one for myself for many years and couldnt.

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Frank Bullitt watch

Frank Bullitt watch (GPL934)

In Bullitt, McQueen wore a Vietnam veterans watch, the implication being perhaps he was ex-military. The watch itself was produced to a specification for infantry watches known as MIL-W-3818B and they were made by Hamilton, Bulova and Benrus.

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Bullitt Chukka Suede Boots - Tan

Bullitt Chukka Suede Boots - Tan (GPL953)

Steve was a fan of the basic chukka or desert boot. There are hundreds of shorts of him wearing them in his own time. Nobody really knows where he bought his desert boots, but there are many out there who believe he favoured Clark's classic design.


Frank Bullitt's holster

Frank Bullitt's holster (GPL955)


Ford Mustang Bullitt front grille

Ford Mustang Bullitt front grille (GPL956)

One of the most distinctive features of the Bullitt Mustang is its front grille. For whatever reason, McQueen decided to remove much of the bling from Frank Bullitt's 1968 Mustang. This deletion took place at the back of the car, down both flanks, and importantly also at the front.


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